Noelle & Michael

Guastavino's Wedding Video - New York, NY

This wedding had SO many great speeches that we can't help but share a few memorable quotes:

"[Noelle] reminded me recently that I said [Michael] was really open and generous and unafraid to show he was excited about something - he wore his heart on his sleeve all the time... When it comes to relationships, I thought this was a liability... When he met Noelle that's when I knew I had no idea what I was talking about... It takes someone strong to be that vulnerable, to be yourself. If he took my advice to play it cool and keep them guessing, I probably wouldn't be here to give a speech today." - Best Man

"Without being vulnerable, without being open...we really can't make any strides as a community and as a society." - Michael

"I told Michael and he took offense to this in the card I wrote him, but, I said you are nothing like I expected the man I'd end up with - you are infinitely better." - Noelle

"Family isn't necessarily bout blood. Family is about who you appreciate in life." - Maid of Honor

Thanks Noelle and Michael!


Song: "At Last" by Etta James (

Vendors: Ashley Camblin (coordinator) - Manolo Blahnik - 

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