Cecilia & Junny

Tendenza Wedding Video - Philadelphia, PA

00:32 - what a ring shot! We are such pushovers for rose gold <3 *starry-eyed emoji* The sparkles continue with Cecilia's gorgeous jeweled headpiece (00:42). We love how it's a half-wreath, giving her a casual/classy look from the front and then a whimsical/sparkled view from the back. Perfect for a bride whose wedding was flawless from all angles! 

Thanks Cecilia and Junny!


Song: "Take My Hand" by Emily Hackett (feat. Will Anderson) (

Vendors: Daneen Makeup - YMK Designs - Beautiful Blooms - Tayler Boye Photography - J-ARE Entertainment - Love and Laughter WeddingLe Meridien - Cescaphe - iLove Team



Diana & James

The Park Savoy Wedding Video - Florham Park, NJ

We love the aspects of marriage that this video highlights - how the word "mine" becomes "ours" and "me" becomes "us." Isn't that beautiful!? This idea is communicated so clearly through Diana and James' relationship, from his emotional promise of commitment to Diana on the altar to their constant smiles, kisses, and high-fives :) 

...and also, on a totally unrelated note, the two little boys featured at 3:28 are our #goals. We've officially found our chicken nugget spirit animals :DD <3333

Thanks Diana and James!


Song choice: "You and Me" by Dream City Orchestra (

Vendors: The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - The Westin Hotel



Vanessa & Marc

Somerley at Fox Hollow Wedding Video - Woodbury, NY

"You know you found someone special when you can shut up and comfortably share a silence" - yes!! Exactly. Major kudos to the bridesmaid for quoting the movie Pulp Fiction :D ...But, we don't want Vanessa's family to stop speaking Spanish - it definitely adds to the day's overall sexiness! *Signs up for Duolingo, buys Rosetta Stone, searches for salsa lessons on EventBrite, changes name to Esperanza, orders a red dress...moves to Puerto Rico*

Felicitaciones, Vanessa and Marc! :))


Song: "You Shine" by Andrew Simple (

Vendors: Our Lady of Mercy



Noelle & Michael

Guastavino's Wedding Video - New York, NY

This wedding had SO many great speeches that we can't help but share a few memorable quotes:

"[Noelle] reminded me recently that I said [Michael] was really open and generous and unafraid to show he was excited about something - he wore his heart on his sleeve all the time... When it comes to relationships, I thought this was a liability... When he met Noelle that's when I knew I had no idea what I was talking about... It takes someone strong to be that vulnerable, to be yourself. If he took my advice to play it cool and keep them guessing, I probably wouldn't be here to give a speech today." - Best Man

"Without being vulnerable, without being open...we really can't make any strides as a community and as a society." - Michael

"I told Michael and he took offense to this in the card I wrote him, but, I said you are nothing like I expected the man I'd end up with - you are infinitely better." - Noelle

"Family isn't necessarily bout blood. Family is about who you appreciate in life." - Maid of Honor

Thanks Noelle and Michael!


Song: "At Last" by Etta James (

Vendors: Ashley Camblin (coordinator) - Manolo Blahnik - 



Samantha & Cutter

Cedar Lakes Estate Wedding Video - Port Jervis, NY

This wedding was such a flawless balance of classy and rustic that, at first glance, the perfectly-cut pieces of cornbread (1:58) looked like slices of delicious cake! We think it's particularly fitting that this table footage is played simultaneously with overlaid dialogue from a speaker who acknowledges Samantha's "impeccable taste and attention to detail." Nailed it!

Thanks Samantha and Cutter :)


Song: "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)" by Marvin Gaye (

Vendors: Bespoke Moments (Amanda)



Laura & Nicholas

Seasons Catering & Special Events Wedding Video - Township of Washington, NJ

In one of the toasts, the speaker says, "If, on this journey of life, your dreams don't come true... make new ones." Welp, no need to make a new video because this one is giving us daydreams all through lunch break. We particularly loved the Best Man's speech lolol (2:20) - very creative. And, speaking of creative... we never knew fruit could look so artistic (6:21). Wow! What a platter.

Thanks Laura and Nicholas :)


Song: "Stop and Stare" by One Republic (

Vendors: St. John the Baptist 



Skyler & Clay

The Rainbow Room Wedding Video - New York, NY

Okay, so, long story short, Clay walked into a restaurant and immediately fell in love when he saw Skyler, the seating hostess. She turned away his flirtations, so, naturally, he went back the next night like the Casanova we thought only Ryan Gosling could be. Clay's second attempt to win her over obviously worked and now here they are looking like a Hallmark Card. We'd write more about this adorable couple, but, we're quitting our jobs and are on our way to the nearest restaurant... *FINGERS CROSSED, LADIES*

Thanks Skyler and Clay!


Song: "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri (

Vendors: Bowery HotelSt. Patrick’s Cathedral



Blaire & Matt

Kimpton Eventi Hotel Wedding Video - New York, NY

Blaire and Matt could not have picked a better song - this wedding definitely made us “Feel Again!” The smiles, tears, squeals, and perfectly romantic lighting would make even the strongest of “strong women who don’t need no man” totally melt and believe in love again :) 

Thanks Blaire and Matt!

Song: "Feel Again" by One Republic (



Christina & Mario

The Delamar Wedding Video - Greenwich, CT

We considered various ways to start Christina and Marios' blog, finally realizing that there’s really no way around first acknowledging Christina’s flawless dress.  It’s not detailed or patterned at all, but, the elegant simplicity of it… someone call Kate Middleton! Christina is over here wearing the Princess’ next dress ;)

…oh, but don’t call William, though. Mario is already the Prince in this fairytale <3


Thanks Christina and Mario!

Song: "Something Beautiful" by Tim Halperin

Vendors: Dance Time Entertainment



Cheryl & Colby

William Vale Hotel Wedding Video - Brooklyn, NY

This wedding was the perfect balance of elegant and timeless vs. laid-back and comfortable. Check out their fun shoes at 1:59 - we love their choice of thicker heels... much better for dancing!! The whole day was filled with great details like that, especially Cheryl and Colby's little expressions here and there - that eyebrow raise at 1:50 and then sticking out her tongue at 2:37 :)) These are two ladies we'd definitely go on a double-date with!


Thanks Cheryl and Colby!


Song: "Today" by Joshua Radin

Vendors: Erin Braun Design - Styles on B - Photo Pink - 74 Events



Kristen & Dan

Stone House at Stirling Ridge Wedding Video - Warren, NJ

This whole video is emotional, no question. But, the moment that touched us the most was when Kristen said in her vows, "I promise to cherish us." She chose to use the word US instead of just "you." We thought this was a unique choice of phrasing because it acknowledges the celebration of them as a couple, as partners about to start life-long and exciting journey. "Us" resonated with our team because, on a day where so much focus is on what everyone will wear, eat, dance to, etc... Kristen brings the importance back to Dan, her other half. The other half of the whole ;)

Thanks Kristen and Dan!


Song: "On Top of the World" by Imagine Dragons (




Yuan & Ji

Castle Hotel and Spa Wedding Video - Tarrytown, NY

Ji and Yuan could not have had more perfect weather. I mean, look at that shot at 1:07…it’s as if even the shadows planned their strategic placement that day! And at 1:15… nothing gets more perfect than a baby wearing suspenders, amiright??

Thanks Yuan and Ji :)

Song: "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri (



Shanshan & Eric

William Vale Hotel Wedding Video - New York, NY

That lace train, though… omg. We're talking about that opening dress shot, following by the gorgeous floral shot, followed by the beautiful architecture shot, followed by that classic city skyline… you get the idea. THE WHOLE THING IS BEAUTIFUL JUST WATCH IT (with tissues). 

Thanks Shanshan and Eric :)


Song: "You (Piano & Strings)" by Future of Forestry (





Cindy & Chung

Battery Gardens Wedding Video - New York, NY

This couple used smoke bombs in their wedding (as is evident by their video thumbnail), and we have to say it’s the perfect choice and totally makes sense… Cindy and Chung are a bomb couple! They're the!! The whole day (as well as their video’s song) progresses slowly and steadily, until, BAM, their reception starts and then everyone is dancing and taking shots! I don’t think there was a single guest who didn’t enter the dance circle and break out their best moves :)

Thanks Cindy and Chung!


Song: "Something Beautiful" by Tim Halperin

Vendors: Andaz Wall Street



Rachel & Brett

The Garrison Wedding Video - Garrison, NY

So much great energy around this couple! It's infectious! Their families and friends really make the video, too... Loved watching Rachel and Brett's parents lifted into the air during the Horah :D

Thanks Rachel and Brett!


Song: "Secrets" by One Republic (



Valerie & Jimmy

The Metropolitan Building Wedding Video - Queens, NY

We loved this venue! Even without decorations The Metropolitan Building creates a laid-back yet classy atmosphere and encourages as much dancing as possible with all that space :) This video thumbnail is also another favorite of ours...understated, yet, lots of great colors, excellent lighting, and lots of textures...

...oh, and beautiful Valerie!! :))

Thanks Valerie and Jimmy!


Song choice: "Best Part of Me" by Landon Austin (



Kristy & Mike

So, this wedding had a full-arch rainbow...we think that sums up Kristy and Mike's day pretty well. They certainly don't need a lucky pot of gold at the end, though - their smiles tell it all ;) And what a beautiful dating story it must have been. On to the married chapter!

Thanks Kristy & Mike!


Song: "Lucky Day" by The New Velvet (




Jed & Michael

Central Park Boathouse - New York, NY

Where these Central Park horses go at the end of the day is still a mystery to us, but, what remains perfectly clear is the significance this wedding holds for Jed and Michael. Michael's smile at 2:40 and the film's final frame are definitely two of our favorite moments from this big day :)

Thanks Jed and Michael!


Song: "A Thousand Years" (Instrumental) by Christina Perri and "Secret" by One Republic (

Vendors: Hudson Hotel - Rev Ronald Sheppard (officiant) - 14 Stories (Victoria Smith) - Central Park Carriages - NYC Swing